The Second Edition of The LSTA's Complete Credit Agreement Guide is Now Available!

November 2, 2016 - The Loan Syndications and Trading Association is pleased to announce the release of the fully revised and updated second edition of The LSTA’s Complete Credit Agreement Guide.  

This book is an A to Z handbook on credit agreement mechanics, providing everything one needs to know to expertly and efficiently transact in the loan market. The authors, Michael Bellucci and Jerome McCluskey of Milbank, deliver in-depth analysis, detailed explanations of important provisions and highlight key negotiation points loan market participants may encounter. 

Senior loan market participants are enthusiastic about the book. "An excellent resource that provides clear explanation and rationale for the more complex components of today's credit agreements. It is a very useful tool for anyone involved in the loan market," says Andy O’Brien, managing director - global head of loan capital strategy, JPMorgan Chase.  “This is the comprehensive resource for deciphering the complexities of a syndicated credit agreement.  A must-have guide for today’s global loan market that unbundles the intricate layers of credit terms, market trends, and global forces that together impact the ultimate deal cut between corporate borrower and its lenders, ” remarks Tom Finke, chief executive officer, Barings LLC.

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