LSTA Membership Benefits

The LSTA is the leading advocate for the syndicated loan market.

Membership in the LSTA offers numerous benefits and opportunities. Chief among them is the opportunity to participate in the decision making process that ultimately establishes loan market standards, develops market practices, and influences the market’s direction.

Member benefits include:

  • A full complement of documents and market practice standards for the primary and secondary markets
  • Exclusive loan market data and analysis
  • Conferences, seminars, teach-ins, and webcasts on issues and developments in the loan market
  • Promotion of the loan asset class to institutional investors in the U.S. and overseas
  • Advocacy within the Federal government to shape loan market guidance and regulation

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Membership Benefits


LSTA members have the full support of the LSTA’s staff of experts. Whether a question about documents, market data, or an issue pertaining to current events, we are available to guide you through this ever-changing market.

Market Data and Analysis

The LSTA provides its members with data that provides a full picture of the loan market.

  • Daily LSTA shift date guidance, binding and used market wide
  • Daily S&P/LSTA Loan 100 Index constituency list, prices and index levels
  • Weekly and monthly S&P/LSTA Leveraged Loan Index reviews
  • Weekly LSTA/Thomson Reuters LPC Mark-to-Market biggest movers list and pricing alerts (winners, losers, most volatile, newest deals)
  • Monthly LSTA Secondary Trading and Settlement publication and performance charts
  • Monthly LSTA Secondary Market publication and performance charts
  • Monthly and quarterly LSTA/LPC MTM Pricing File
  • Quarterly LSTA Secondary Trading & Settlement Studies (flagship product)
  • Quarterly LSTA Secondary Trading & Settlement Executive Summary
  • Daily customized services: (1) presenting market trends and analysis; (2) providing top-notch customer
  • Service fulfilling ad-hoc requests; and (3) creating bespoke studies and presentations
  • Customized LSTA trading, liquidity and settlement metrics reports (for institutions that provide trade data)
  • Discounts on LSTA/Thomson Reuters LPC Mark-to-Market Daily Pricing Service, LSTA/Xtract Bank Debt Review, and

Standard Documents and Market Practice Guidelines

LSTA members have unlimited access to an ever-expanding portfolio of standard documents and market practice guidelines.

  • Model Credit Agreement Provisions
  • Trading documents
  • Legal analysis and regulatory issues
  • LSTA governance and code of conduct

Market Advisories and Weekly LSTA Newsletter

  • Ongoing commentary and guidance on regulatory, legal, and other market developments
  • Loan and financial market news and advisories
  • Regulatory updates and analysis
  • LSTA news and commentary

Conferences, Seminars, Events, and Information

  • Discounted passes to the LSTA Annual Conference and other major conferences
  • Free webcasts on regulatory, legal, and operational issues
  • Free afternoon CLE and CPE seminars
  • Full website access
  • Complimentary copies of the annual LSTA Loan Market Chronicle and LSTA Resource Guide

Networking and Marketing Opportunities

  • Eligibility to speak at LSTA conferences, seminars, and webcasts
  • Eligibility to join the LSTA board, committees, and working groups
  • Discounts on sponsorship opportunities and exhibit tables at major LSTA conferences
  • Discounts on advertising in the LSTA Loan Market Chronicle and LSTA Resource Guide
  • Free job postings on the LSTA website 

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