Committees & Working Groups and Forums

LSTA members are eligible to participate in a number of Committees, Working Groups and Forums. Committees traditionally focus on practice areas on a regular basis. Working Groups address topics that may require only a few meetings in order to reach consensus on the specified issue. Forums convene on an ad hoc basis, allowing members to address a particular topic of concern at a given time. All three of these formats afford members valuable industry exposure and networking opportunities. What's more, they give members a voice in the Loan Market. 

Committees of the LSTA

  • Accounting Committee
  • CLO Committee
  • Global Standards Committee - Joint LSTA/LMA initiative
  • Litigation Committee
  • MTM Committee
  • OSG Committee
  • Primary Market Committee
  • Regulatory Committee
  • Trade Practices and Forms Committee
  • Valuation Committee

LSTA Committees - Board Members

  • Education Committee
  • Finance & Compensation Committee
  • Liquidity Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Officer's Committee

Working Groups of the LSTA

  • Accounting Implementation Subcommittee
  • Buy-Side Operations Working Group
  • CUSIP Working Group
  • Custodian/Trustee/Fund Administrator Operations WG
  • Financial Instruments/FASB Subcommittee
  • FpML Business Loan Working Group
  • MEI Working Group

Click here to see the complete list with a brief description of each Committee or Working Group. Please contact the LSTA Project Manager to the Committee or Working Group you are interested in joining.

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